Final Chartership objectives

7.2 Collection development policy  

Providing a strategic framework for all decisions relating to stock management. This may include acquisitions, selection methods, collection organisation, development, management, preservation, review and disposal.

This was not something that was required particularly in any of the JDs I looked at, however this is something I would like to develop at work so I have included it for this reason.


8.2 Reading literacy and Reader Development

Understanding the importance of reading and the role of information professionals and information agencies in developing literacy, promoting reading and supporting learning across society. A particular aspect is Reader Development.

This is something that is important in my current role, and I would like to develop this in a more structured way. It’s also something that I am particularly passionate about. I’d also like to revisit some of the things I’d explored when I was doing my PgDip and build some of that into my role.


8.8 Virtual Learning Environments

Understand the use of VLEs and appreciate how they can be used for information literacy instruction and providing library/information services

I would like to build my skills in VLEs by creating an iTunes U course to help students improve their information literacy skills.


11.5 Customer service skills

Engaging with customers to promote resources and services in order to ensure that customers are aware of their accessibility, value and potential benefit. Mediating access to information for particular communities in specific contexts.

An essential aspect on all the JDs – something I need to revisit to ensure that my skills are up-to-date.


12.1 ICT skills

Using technologies from computing, electronics and telecommunications to process and distribute information in digital and other forms.

I don’t think I need to elaborate on the absolute necessity that excellent ICT skills are required in the LIS profession, perhaps even all professions. My particular weakness is in Excel and I am keen to improve my knowledge to be able to use Excel beyond simple calculations and spreadsheets.


12.4 Social Media and collaborative tools

Using internet-based applications, which allow the creation and exchange of user generated content. Technologies include magazines, Internet forums, weblogs, social blogs, wikis, photos, networking sites, learning environments and podcasts.

When I was working toward Rudai 23 I learnt many new skills, which I would like to revisit, explore and develop. I would also like to look online for short tutorials and ideas I can work on to improve my knowledge.


12.6 Networking skills

Ability to communicate with and maintain good relationships wit a chain of interconnected people.

As a lone worker, it is important to remain part of a wider network of professionals, both inside the school library sector and beyond it, to be able to share knowledge and experience.


12.8 Language skills

Use and understand a foreign language/languages as appropriate to workplace environments.

Learning French is something I would like to personally work towards as I think it would be beneficial when assisting students in my workplace who are new to the UK. I have a GCSE in French and know the basics, but I would love to improve my conversational French, as well as my reading skills.




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