Rudai 23 – Thing 23 (!) Making it all Work Together

So, pulling it all together, well… I am not a big fan of Flipboard (I’ve mentioned that before) so I am going to have a fiddle around with Hootsuite. I have used this but no-one ever really spoke to me on Twitter so I didn’t really use it… but now… sometimes people do talk to me, ha!

I have just decided to include Twitter accounts in Hootsuite (I have rather a few) as I use the apps on my phone for the others but Twitter, being small snippets, works quite well in the Hootsuite format.

In the past I have found it tough to keep up with all my different social media accounts but I realised I am never going to be able to see everything and if it is that important I will chance upon it sometime. To help combat this problem I set some alerts for certain accounts I was most interested in and so no longer worry. I do find I forget a bit about Twitter when I find other things more interesting and it ends up getting neglected. Now I have realised this I am going to spend more time making connections and links with people.

I think this is the end..! I really enjoyed taking part in Rudai 23 as it has given me a lot to think about and acted as a good springboard for kicking off my chartership…wow, I really need to get on with that!

To those who organised the course – thank you so much for putting it together, it must’ve been mammoth!



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