Rudai 23 – Thing 22 Mobile Things

As my iPad is in my locker and I have had to abandon the library because of disruptive students (!) I will have to try the Gum app out later related to this task. It does look like a very interesting app though, and I can see how students could use it to find out how other people feel about their favourite books. I was slightly concerned about the lack of filtering though in terms of the comments users were able to publish.

An app we frequently use in school is Padlet which allows for real time collaboration through just a blank screen which you are free to do what you want with. Sometimes we pose the students a question such as ‘How many careers can you think of?’ and invite them, via the app or through a browser, to contribute. Students are then able to read the responses of their peers who has also contributed.  I think I will use this app when I am working with students in the reading group to talk about their ideas and opinions of the text. I will also be able to screenshot this information and share it with others.

In regards to using my mobile device for work – well I am supplied with an iPad Mini anyway as our who curriculum is based around the use of creative technologies. There was a call at first to keep the library as a technology free zone but I am beginning to introduce new things in a bid to inspire new users. It can be a bit of a minefield in terms of what you can and can’t do but, on the most part, it is a positive experience.

I was thinking about the idea of Beacon. I used to work at a very busy London public library and I think it would work so well there because of all the different events and activities we held each week. I’d see many users using their phones and tablets in the library and it would be a useful way of pushing out this information. Surely it is only intrusive if you let it be anyway? Perhaps I have misunderstood but I am sure you can disable this feature on your device. I think it would work well all over in bars, restaurants, gyms etc. and I also think it could work well in our school as well for sending out notices to students. Endless possibilities!


One thought on “Rudai 23 – Thing 22 Mobile Things

  1. Congratulations on finishing! Good job and that’s for the detailed blog posts.
    I see you’ve already registered for the CPD cert. We will send those out in January.
    If you havn’t done so already, would you mind completing the feedback form?:
    Best of luck with the chartership.


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