Rudai 23 – Thing 21 Infographics

I love infographics. I recently ordered this book for the school library and I was mesmerised by the simple way it expresses information in a clear and modern way.

I decided to use to create my own infographic. I really liked that you did not have to sign up to use the service and you could create impressive graphics in minutes. Here is my own creation, it’s just a bit of fun but I could see myself using something like this in the future to present borrowing figures, reading ages…well, many things really!


I can see how presenting information visually in this way would be attractive to some people. I can’t think of many of my students who enjoy being confronted by some wordy document with details of how many books certain year groups borrowed last year, for example, but I think if it was eye-catching enough there would be an interest. As I mentioned in my last post I believe that we rely too much on boring PowerPoint presentations and the more ways we can find to express data the better. I’m actually quite inspired now to create another infographic but I must do other things!




One thought on “Rudai 23 – Thing 21 Infographics

  1. I can see you’re really enthusiastic about infographs. It’s great to find a means of communication that you really like.


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