Rudai 23 – Thing 19 The Legal Side of Things

The task for this Thing is to consider how I feel about the work on my blog in regards to copyright issues. To be honest, it’s not really something I have really particularly worried about because most of what I write is utter trash!

I think many people, myself included, are confused about things like copyright because legal-begal stuff can be pretty frightening and much of the info around it isn’t written in plain English. What’s more, there is so much stuff out there on the Internet it can be hard to keep track of it all. I often see the same image over and over again and it’s never credited – does the owner mind? Who is the owner? Did their right to be the owner finish when they posted it on that forum?¬†Personally, I don’t put anything online that I don’t want people stealing. The only exception to this is pictures of myself incase they are used to promote an ugliness campaign or something!!

We did touch on copyright issues at uni but it seems so long ago and it was in no great detail that I am afraid I have forgotten most of it. Frankly, it’s a rather dry subject and I don’t think anyone was particularly enthused by it. That is not to say that I don’t think that intellectual property shouldn’t be protected but that it can be hard work. Below are two pictures I have inserted because they look nice. Adding credits for them just seemed to take ages! I can see why it can be easy to be tempted to just skip that part out. Perhaps I will just use my own images from now on as I don’t think I have been crediting pictures right…

Photo by karlamor/CC BY
Photo by Shayna Hobbs/CC BY




One thought on “Rudai 23 – Thing 19 The Legal Side of Things

  1. Well done on getting those citations included. It can me a mine field, but worth taking the time to give due credit I think.


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