Rudai 23 – Thing 14 Augmented Reality

I missed this post out but now I have decided to come back to it. I was going to create my own AR design but I don’t much have the time right now so I decided to watch some videos instead.

I really liked the idea of the user being able to wander around the library and see where the new books are on the shelf. I produce some posters with this info on, so I think this would make a good addition to it.

This app was so cool, I am sure our GCSE students would find this really useful in trying to learn bits of the heart. I only wish there was more to look at on here, although having a teacher explain everything to you also would be an added bonus!

I think having good quality content to link to will be important for this to be a success, and this is something I am going to think about in more detail because I am sure the students would enjoy using these types of apps!



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