Rudaid 23 – Thing 16 Collaboration Tools

Yvxfp9YmI was quite pleased to see Google Drive and Doodle as the two tools this time around because I use these two a lot more than many others!

Our whole mail system at work is built around Google so using apps like Docs, Sheets etc. is super useful for us. One of the things I use it for it Accelerated Reader tracking sheets. The benefit of this is that I am able to share the document with form tutors, subject teachers and whoever else is interested and they are able to see, in real time, changes which I am making. It’s always available online and there is no need to keep resending the document every time you make an alteration to it. We also use Macs at work but I have a Windows machine at home and it’s great because it is compatible across all devices. Dropbox is also fabulous for this as it now has Word etc. built into it.

The other tool is Doodle which I mainly use at my WI when we need to arrange a meeting or a social event. There are around 15 or so ladies on committee and we all have different schedules so Doodle is great for being able to see who can do what day easily. I tend to go to more meetings at work than I organise so it hasn’t picked up much of a professional use as of yet but I can totally see the benefits!



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