Rudai 23 – Thing 13 Professional Organisations

I am still many, many posts behind but, no sweat, I will get there in the end.

The professional organisation for my country is CILIP  and I have been a member since my first year of post-grad study which I can’t remember! 2012? Let’s go for that. I joined really because I was (still am) totally rudderless when it comes to my career and I thought it was probably a good place to start. CILIP offer some useful services such as a monthly news magazine, a large job listings area and information on their advocacy and campaign. Many people have, or are working towards, professional chartership with CILIP including myself. Still looking for a mentor, guys. Someone? Anyone?

What I like about CILIP is that they have made many improvements to what they offer and constantly make improvements. I also like that they use my post denominals on their letters to me which makes me giggle. I find more day-to-day use for membership to something like CILIP than I do to, say, UNISON who I deal with very little. That’s probably a good thing. I also like the special interest and local network groups on CILIP as it is much more useful to receive info which is more relevant to my location and my specific aims as a school librarian.

I also also a member of the School Library Association who’s conferences I occasionally attend, but I must confess I don’t take advantage of their site quite as much as the School Librarians’ Network who have some fab stuff available. I tend to lurk on that as opposed to post anything but this may be the year I change that!

To sum up, working in the lonesome world of the school library means it is critical I am part of these professional organisations or I would have literally no-one to whine and moan at about my woes. I do think, however, Twitter is doing a lot to create more informal and ad-hoc networks amongst librarians and, to me, it’s been a great resource.


One thought on “Rudai 23 – Thing 13 Professional Organisations

  1. It is great being part of an organisation, for professional development, and as you say, someone to talk to and bounce ideas of. I agree, twitter is brilliant for interacting with people you may never have come across, for libchats and the rest!


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