Rudai 23 – Thing 12 Attending Conferences

An irritating thing happened where I wrote the most amazing, fabulous and witty blog post that has even been written…but it disappeared. So this is the tribute to that post, haha!

So, attending conferences. Well, I haven’t been to many as it is can be pretty hard getting the time to attend due to life and work commitments. I think it can be a bit of a Catch-22 situation sometimes because it can be very useful to attend conferences and the like to improve your working, but you often can’t go because you are working.  Sod’s law, eh!

Okay, I’m gonna answer the questions now which are part of the task:

  • What event you attended? Well, I have attended two School Library Association conferences, one in Belfast and one in Manchester.
  • What you had to do in order to attend: The event in Manchester was easy peasy as I live here! Belfast was slightly more complicated as it involved booking flights and a hotel. Both were on a weekend so no worries with taking time off but I did need to seek permission to get the money to go.
  • The networking you did: I tried to seek out people in Belfast who I’d heard of through Twitter etc. and started up convos with them. At the time my school were one of the first offering iPads to students so some people had heard of me before I’d heard of them!
  • The records or notes you made: To be honest, I took very little notes and now I remember not much. I do remember some specific things (don’t make me remember them right now!).
  • Reflect on what you would do differently at the next event you attend: I thought going to a conference in Manchester would be fab because it was so close to home, Actually, it was more of a hinderance. My mate wanted to go out the night before and I didn’t get in til 4.30 so I was hardly in any state the next day to process new concepts, I just wanted to sleep. When I went to Belfast I was totally out of my comfort zone and it forced me to be alert and make the effort to chat to people. It was oh-so-easy in Manchester to just slip into the background and bin off minor things I would’ve gone to in Belfast because I had no-where else to be. I would also take better notes so I could look back at a later date because things become relevant to you sometimes in the future when they weren’t before.

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