Rudai 23 – Thing 11 Reflective Practice

So, I am reflecting on the fact I am very, very far behind.  Considering this question-

‘Why do I not want to do this?’

Here is why I think I have begun to fall behind:

  • Any kind of course or things kinda related to schoolwork give me the sweats. I would say I am pretty able but very, very lazy when it comes to completing academic stuff. It’s something I have much improved over time but I still need more work on it. I guess when I was younger I was too busy having fun to worry about boring old essays. If only life was still like that!
  • Before the summer holidays at work I was SUPER motivated. I’ve come back after the holiday now and I am slightly less motivated whilst I get back into it. So that has lead me to fall behind a bit
  • I wasn’t that fussed about the last Thing we did in regards to Live Streaming so I need to just accept that and move on!

I need to sit down and work out properly what I want to do each day and what time I can commit to certain things. I think I am not prioritising the right things and spending too long on some tasks compared to others. I don’t really have anyone managing me day to day in my current role so I need to ensure I take more responsibility in managing myself and my time.  I’m hoping to start an MA (I didn’t fully complete my last one) sometime soon, so I need to ensure I have ironed out these problems before I embark on that.

Okay, that’s enough on that for now, onto the next Thing!


One thought on “Rudai 23 – Thing 11 Reflective Practice

  1. Yes time management is a big issues when we are so busy. If you are planning on working the same time as completing a masters, it is something that you will definately have to do some research into. It’s difficult juggling work, study and trying to have a life 🙂


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