Rudai 23 – Thing 10 Live Streaming

We are already on Thing 10 already, boy how does time fly?!

This thing is all about live streaming, something I haven’t really paid that much attention to in the past if I am honest. I have looked at live tweets from an event before but never streaming. I guess that is probably because I am busy when the event is on and it’s easier to check out a few tweets than look at a whole video of the event. However, with money being the way it is, live streaming is something that could find itself more and more useful to me when I am working on my portfolio.

So, firstly, I have taken a look on Periscope. I downloaded the app and I had a quick look through, but I didn’t really know what I was looking for really. I will probably need to spend much more time looking into what was on there, or perhaps going on for a specific event.

I think if I was live streaming an event it would be something like an author visit or a launch. The only problem with this is getting the permission of the thing you want to film and this isn’t always easy!

To be honest, this ‘thing’ didn’t interest me as much as the others as I feel there needs to be much more development in this area. I think there is much value in being able to watch tutorials etc. online but the need to watch most things absolutely live isn’t normally necessary.

So, I think it’s best to can this one and move onto the next one!


One thought on “Rudai 23 – Thing 10 Live Streaming

  1. Never say never! Have a look at some of the other blogs to see how people are/or propose to use live streaming.


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