Rudia 23 – Thing 9 Video

Once again I am so, so behind! Nothing like the school holidays to make you forget about work!

So, Thing 9 is all about video. I decided to give Screencast-O-Matic a go as I liked the idea of not needing an account and being able to just record straight away. In reality it wasn’t as speedy as that (that could be because of Mac restrictions) but it wasn’t too clunky to get going. I’ve never uploaded a video to YouTube before, and the nearest I have got is making videos on Whatsapp of the layout of my house for absent friends to see, so this is a bit of an adventure into the dark for me.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience as I used to do a bit of work in radio and so I am pretty used to yakking away at myself, ha. Uploading to YouTube was SO easy, no wonder people put so many vids on there! Anyway, here is my video:

I think this process could be really useful in the future when making videos to give students instructions on how to use things like the library system, Accelerated Reader etc. In fact, I am going to do that as it is much easier than me saying it over and over again! So there’s one convert already!


One thought on “Rudia 23 – Thing 9 Video

  1. Well done on the screencast Kirsty. It’s pronounced Rudee, see the Google Hangout recording to hear us say it šŸ™‚


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