Rudai 23 – Thing 8 Curation

Er, I was going to put a picture in my post from my Instagram account but it seems like my save extension is broken. Next time!

So, curation tools. Pinterest I am a total nut about. My page is here. I forget about it a little bit and then I remember and go a bit bananas and spend hours on it. I had a board for libraries and, I’m not gonna lie, it was cack. Well, I assume it was because it’s not actually there now. I must’ve deleted it in the great purge of whenever. I do have a secret board about blogging although I am not sure why it is secret. I also have one about sexy men which is a bit more obvious why it’s secret… Pinterest is blocked at work otherwise I’d definitely use it to create reading lists. My friend, who is an art teacher, uses it to collect up cool ideas for practicals she can try out with the students and I always enjoy having a nose on it.

Flipboard – this came pre-installed on my Galaxy S5 and it is IMPOSSIBLE to remove it. So I hated it. Now I have thought about it though perhaps it isn’t such a bad idea, and I am going to spend ten mins on it soon getting it set up and see if I can’t give it another chance. I just get upset when things are forced upon me! So that’s my activity for now as I have done four posts today…super catch up job, go me! Hope it wasn’t all trash!


3 thoughts on “Rudai 23 – Thing 8 Curation

  1. That’s some impressive catching up! I’m also yet to be convinced by Fliqboard, but have not given it much of a go. I have used Pinterest on and off for a few years, but have never hole-heartedly embraced it.

    Is it possible to ask your IT department to unblock Pinterest?


    1. I could do, the manager is one of my best mates but that sometimes is a negative as he tends to do my things last as I don’t get cross with him! Nothing a few cookies might solve though. I wonder how many people use bribes at work to get things done?!

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  2. Definatley not all trash! Well done on the catch up. Some good blogging there!
    Stephanie and Rudai23 team


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