Rudai 23 – Thing 7 Podcasts

When I was at uni I got involved with student radio. I did a couple of shows a week (when I could be bothered, to be honest) and I met a very nice fellow there who was rather good at that radio stuff. 7 years later I live with that guy and I am awoken each weekend by him blasting out the local news for some town hundreds of miles away in their ‘newsroom’ which is actually our spare room. So I won’t make a podcast because it’s a bit too close to home for me having a professional broadcaster as a boyfriend!

I listen to quite a lot of podcasts but all of them are to do with Formula One which I am potty about. It never really occurred to me to look into librarianship related podcasts (I am not so smart like that) so this has been an interesting experience. One of the best things about podcasts is that anyone can have a go. My favourite podcast is called F1 Rejects. They aren’t going anymore but it was just two hilarious Aussie F1 fans who just laughed about the drivers and the racers and generally arsed about. I enjoyed it because they weren’t working for a major sport network, they were just two men who fancied having a go at it. I’d never have been able to access them without podcasts because I fear they would be too outrageous for TV. Australians are hilarious, by the way. I never really realised before!

Having a listen to some of the podcasts I think they could be really useful in integrating with the iTunes U courses we use at our school especially as part of the induction process. Perhaps I can get my Mr Radio to voice them for me!!


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