Rudai 23 – Thing 4 Google+

Wowzers, I am so behind! Time for a quick blast through and catch up. Writing this without my glasses and everything seems a bit wibbly. Also using Windows 10 which is a bit laggy for some reason.

So, Thing 4. It’s interesting to revisit Google as an idea again. One of my essays when I was doing my course was ‘Is Google Enough?’ and the answer was obviously no. And, when it comes to Google+, I find I am not incredibly interested in it as a social media. What’s the point where there’s no-one to be social with?! As it mentions in the blog, Google have this knack of just shutting things down when they aren’t working out which is a little irritating.

Gmail is fantastic though. I use it at home, for my work email, my own business and also for our email at Manchester WI. I find it hard to fault as an email client and I have never really had any issues with it. It’s simple to use and very reliable.

The idea of online conferences is a great one. It’s tricky for me to attend conferences so this seems like a great alternative. It is something I will definitely keep in mind when I am looking to improve my own CPD. I’ve used Hangouts before with my partner and it works very well so I can imagine it’s fab for collaboration.


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