Thing 1 (after 2!)

My first post on my blog was for Thing 2 on the list of 23 Things collaboration, organised by Rudai 23. The first thing on the list was just to start the blog..which I did!

I have a bit of a strange relationship with blogging. I often go into it very gung-ho but then find myself tailing off very quickly and not sticking with it. With my own personal blog I think this partly has something to do with not using a desktop/laptop computer very often whilst I am at home. I tend to access the internet through either my smartphone or iPad and I find neither of these are that useful when blogging.

I feel much more positive about keeping this blog updated, however, because I am hoping it will serve a specific purpose in helping me to think reflectively about my profession, as a log for following Rudai 23 and also a general rant platform for the things that bother me in the world of libraries. I feel having some clear reasons to want to blog will mean that I find myself wanting to do it, as opposed to feeling like I must!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my posts and that there are plenty keep reading in the future!


2 thoughts on “Thing 1 (after 2!)

  1. I agree with all these points! I really want to complete this course, and I also wanted to start blogging about things I’ve made, as I find it so useful to see other people comments on things like dressmaking as well as library life.


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