Some thoughts on Thing 3

So, I have started to give Thing 3 a go. One of the points I am struggling with is changing my name so it is consistent. I know how important this is in terms of my own small business where I try and keep everything consistent in terms of names, colours etc. The reason it’s a bit harder professionally, and in a way personally, is because I both work in a school and I have an unusual surname. Thus, it is very difficult to hide my social media exploits from prying eyes, whether they be of students or anyone else for that matter! Actually, what I decided to do a long time ago was not lock down my personal Twitter or Instagram page but, instead, only post things that I would be happy for anyone to see. With Facebook, however, I do keep everything under wraps. One of the things I do use to try and be less conspicuous is a slightly altered version of my own name. I know what probably offers me little protection but it is something! I think I will use my real name on all work related pages for sure, and that fulfils that point…got there in the end!

I have now completed a major overhaul of my LinkedIn site. When I first opened it up I spent ages writing in minute detail about every job I’d ever had. I then decided that this was embarrassing and removed everything except the bare minimum information. This kind of defeats the point of having a profile in the first place! I think I have found a happy medium now which gives enough information without being overloaded. I used the Infographic that Rudai23 recommended to help me make changes and I also looked at profiles of people in my network with similar roles to see how they had decided to lay things out. I find I often need to have a look at many examples before I am able to decide to format something for myself.

So what is my professional brand all about? Well I think I have begun to show on LinkedIn the kind of skills and specialities I possess. But, like any brand, I will need to take time to develop the skills which form part of this and being aware of where I need to develop is one of the first steps I can take in order to make changes. So, for now, let’s say my professional brand is the following:

‘I am a newly qualified Library and Information Professional. I decided I wanted to combine my knowledge and interest in literature with my skills in customer service and working with young people in my role as School Library Manager’


4 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Thing 3

  1. I completely empathise with this – ain’t no way my school surname and my social media surname are being breathed in the same breath.

    I’m going to have a go at this task when I get home this evening but I don’t /really/ want to build a ‘personal online brand’ for myself, only for my library.


  2. Ha ha I feel the same and I’m helping to run #Rudai23 🙂 Great work on the blog so far Kirsty, looking forward to reading the rest, you’ve really nailed it! Stephanie and the Rudai23 team


  3. Hi Kirsty, I feel similarly for the same reasons. I’d love to look at your LinkedIn though as I was very unsure what to put as my current role’s accomplishments!


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